Web Hosting Review Colombiaeninternet

‘Colombian Internet SAS’ is a hosting company that delivers quality, fast and stable services in Colombia. Some of the services it offers include web hosting, reseller hosting, domain transfer, domain name registration, whois lookup, bulk domain registration, bulk domain transfer, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, managed servers and e-commerce solutions. Customers have the option of… Continue reading Web Hosting Review Colombiaeninternet


Web Hosting Review Pigeonindustries

‘Pigeon Industries’ is a web services company that provides reliable and top quality services. It specializes in providing web hosting and web design services. also offers services such as domain name registration, domain transfer, business listing, ID protect and SSL certificates. It has 4 hosting plans: the basic plan, the standard, the prime and… Continue reading Web Hosting Review Pigeonindustries


Web Hosting Review Tokovirtualpro

‘Toko Virtual Pro’ is a professional online store. Some of the features it offers are express checkout, wholesale/ reseller price, express update, payment confirmation, customer testimonials, advanced content management system, unlimited Java/HTML block, Facebook like button and top horizontal menu. also has many storefront features including multiple currencies, multilingual support, product variation, product category,… Continue reading Web Hosting Review Tokovirtualpro


Web Hosting Review Likerock

Likerock provides unique hosting solutions to businesses and customers. Their quality server is designed to serve web pages located in data facility designed to house multiple web servers. Currently, Likerock is assisting more than 250000 domain names. Besides, web servers configured with Apache web server software and their advanced technologies make hosting easy to manage.… Continue reading Web Hosting Review Likerock