Major criteria you use to decide upon a host?

Cheap, Good Support, Reliable, Fast Response

  1. Solution (whether it matches the requirements)
  2. Technical infrastructure (financial and technical muscle of the company)
  3. Consumer feedback

Services and Support are the two main things and then the rates.

1. Support: Good support is really important. What happens if their servers fail?

2. Uptime: No point in having an account, with a site you can’t visit is there?

3. Price: Why pay bucket loads for nothing? Make a good price.

Price is most important thing for me.


reliability, reliabilty and once again, reliability


1) Support : No matter Hosting Companies offer very cheap plans , the question is “Do the Hosting Company Provide 24X7 Reliable Support ?”

So support should be the topmost criterion to choose any host

2) Uptime : This is another major Aspect that should taken into consideration.

3) Feedbacks : Does your host get backs to you , to ensure everything is working fine with your site , are you facing any issues.

No matter unless you open a support ticket or get back to them on Live chat for support.

A hosting Company should monitor every accounts if they have any problems and contact them monthly if they are having any issues.

So the above 3 aspects should be considered while choosing any host.

I would have to go with

1, Reliabilty

2, Human Contact

3, Specifications


In my opinion

1. 24/7 support

2. Uptime

3. Price


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