Rackspace New Dedicated Servers Like Cloud VMs

Do Rackspace’s new dedicated servers behave just like cloud VMs?

Rackspace Hosting, Inc. (NYSE:RAX)

Company type: IT – managed cloud hosting
Parent Company: Delaware
Established in: 07-03-2000
No. of Employees: 6115
Company Portfolio: Integrated IT solutions which inlcudes private clouds, hybrid clouds and multi tenant public clouds, website hosting and collaboration, information services, web content management and e-commerce.
Provides advisory services for security and conformity, migration and DevOps automation, program appraisal and technology strategy. For its entire product portfolio provides managed services and fanatical support.
Business Across World: Sells services in more than 120 countries
Operational Offices: Operational offices are located throughout United States, London, Amsterdam, Zurich, Hong Kong, Sydney and Mexico.
The Cloud is a wonderful thing that has happened to the technological world. It offers you of having all your data and information at your disposal, all the time, without carrying around any kind of storage device with you. Really incredible! But alas it is not a perfect world and Cloud technology too has its limitations. The problem with Cloud is that no one actually can have it all and you always have to share it. There comes the limitations. When more than one tenant share the cloud then the performance of the cloud does not remain consistent.

Rackspace introduces ” Bare-Metal ” Servers

When one needs the convenience of a cloud and does not want to share the resources and have no limitations, then what does one do? This is the question that almost all companies are paying attention to. They are trying their level best to find out a technology which will allow the user to have improved experience. It the same line, Rackspace has recently launched its Bare metal servers, OnMetal.

Why do we need Dedicated Servers?

When more than one user is there on the cloud it means that all the resources are being shared. The major problems with Cloud VMs is that due to sharing their capabilities become limited and their performance becomes irregular and cannot be easily predicted. There is a possibility that there will be un scheduled maintenance works which can lead to interruption of service. Thus sometimes Cloud VMs can be frustrating and dedicated server feels like a good option then.


When you are using the Cloud VM, everything stays fine , until your requirements grow. With increased requirements, it becomes difficult to stay on the cloud as the resources are shared. You are left with no other option but to move to collocation. This robs you of the flexibility that you enjoyed with the cloud VM. With Rackspace
Bare Metal dedicated servers of Rackspace what you get is the option of scalability with flexibility. An ideal solution for the problems that come along when you grow.

How do they work?

These bare metal dedicated servers, OnMetal by Rackspace are a combination of simplicity, flexibility and reliability. Their performance is superior to Cloud VMs and is certainly predictable. Also you get the benefit of paying by the minute. You will never face any problem regarding availability of resources. Also you will never miss the agility that you get with the cloud.

Cost Effective

When you opt for Bare Metal dedicated servers of Rackspace, you do not have to worry for taking up a monthly plan. You can take it for as long as you need it. And that makes it cost effective. Anybody can rent a dedicated server for whatever time period required, you just have to send in a request, a few clicks and you are good to go in no time as the set up also takes very little time.

Many different usage levels

All of us know that not all dedicated servers are used for similar types of workloads. Thus Rackspace has built some hardware which is optimized for specific needs. There are three different levels of servers and one can pick the most suited one according to his workload requirements. These servers are basically of three types as follows:
OnMetal Memory
OnMetal I/O
OnMetal Compute

Offering the Best of Both Worlds

The OnMetal Servers offered by Rackspace are a dream come true for all those who are looking for a technology that combines the benefits of cloud and collocation with dedicated servers’ benefits. It is something to look forward to if you are not happy with just cloud VMs.

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