Fasthosts Internet Introduced New Range of Dedicated Servers

Fasthosts Internet, is a leading web hosting provider and specialist in cloud computing has recently introduced their new range of dedicated servers. The features they offer are up to 128GB RAM, secure wholly-owned data centres, 24/7 UK phone support, unlimited bandwidth, up to 4TB HDD, up to 32 core AMD processors, up to 2 x 500GB SSD unlimited bandwidth, guarantee 99.99% uptime, reduced CAPEX commitment,  2 X 4TB HDD and RAID 1 protected hard disk drives , Windows Server 2012, Linux operating systems ,latest SSD Technology to their clients such as IT professionals, medium and large sized organizations and the benefits it provide that websites, business services and applications can be loaded fast.

The price of the dedicated server is £35.10 per month excluding (Value added tax) VAT, with the discount of up to 70 per cent off for the first 3 months. Fasthosts new P-1250 dedicated Server which features 128GB RAM. There are several advantages of dedicated servers like they deliver powerful, energy-efficient performance, an ideal solution for IT professionals, good for businesses that require robust server operations for data storage. Their flagship dedicated Server is an ideal solution for running the important applications of business such as business portals and intranets and for hosting large and complex SQL databases and with this it also ensure unbeatable service delivery and excellent ROI for business users.”

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