Canadian Web hosting Updates its Shared Hosting Servers

Canadian Web Hosting has announced that security of their shared hosting servers have upgraded by integrating BitNinja, which is a server security system for web hosting and cloud companies. Their shared servers will have a higher level of security with this upgradation on top-tier managed web application firewall (WAF) provides a powerful intrusion protection system (IPS).
Firewall of Canadian Web Hosting includes cutting-edge virtual patching and server hardening mechanism for customers unable to patch and update their websites, on regular basis want to get help for patching their site. This product is ideal for anyone that values reputation of their website and with outdated applications, security vulnerabilities or professional security anyone can’t afford to get hacked or compromised, security.
Every hosting plan comes with inbuilt TippingPoint Prevention Intrusion System that allows clients to receive alerts immediately when critical threat is identified that could influence infrastructure of security. TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System of Canadian Web Hosting delivers most powerful network protection in world.

Why BitNinja is integrated by Canadian Web Hosting?

Another fool-proof layer is there. Major security vendors are offering individual security tools and protocols are gathered by BitNinja. These all are converted into single machine-learning server security system works with social defense network. Higher level of security will be given to customers by BitNinja.
Shared hosting clients of Canadian Web Hosting have also reliability and performance improvements with new upgrades to VMware platform. High I/O distributed storage are included in this platform.

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