Windows hosting providers

Windows hosting means hosting a website over a Microsoft Windows Server that means it is not necessary that the server does not have to be Windows if you use Windows on your PC. Many customers think that to have windows hosting they should have windows installed on their computers. But a window server is different as most of the interaction will be through FTP or with a web interface. The most appealing factor of windows server is the compatibility with windows O.S all over the world. Many forms of software that make designing and creating websites much easier are not compatible with Linux and also Linux does allow for the vast majority of programming languages and scripts available to web designers, but there are things it cannot handle. The best example can be .NET Framework which is used for creating dynamic websites that attract many visitors. As we all know Linux is leading the charts of web hosting industry but with the rise of windows based sites have to lead many companies to add windows servers. Let’s take a look at the top windows hosting providers

Rank Web Host Price Diskspace Bandwidth Review
1 inmotion-logo $ 5.95 / mon Unlimted Unlimted Click
2 godaddy Rs 99.99 / mon 10 GB Unlimited Click
3 $ 4.95 / mon Unlimted Unlimted Click
4 $ 4.99 / mon 250 GB Unlimted Click
5 $ 7.50 / mon Unlimted Unlimted Click
6 $ 3.99 / mon 300 GB Unlimted Click
7 $ 5.95 / mon Unlimted Unlimted Click
8 $ 14.95 / mon 20 GB 300 GB Click
9 $ 4.84 / mon Unlimted Unlimted Click
10 $ 5.95 / mon Unlimted Unlimted Click

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