Downtime and Backup stats

Mostly webhosting companies claims 99.99% uptime and automated backup at free of cost. but clients has to go through their terms and services to get detail of their services and backup stats. Here we go through backup stats of five web hosting company.

InMotionHosting provides regular automated data backup on accounts which are equal to or less than 10GB. Company has shown that this backup facility comprises with Business Class or Virtual Private Server accounts free of cost. This service won’t be applicable for accounts which are greater than 10 GB in size however additional service charge will be added on those accounts which exceeds the 10GB size limit.
Arvixe cPanel customer are able to restore backup files by R1Soft Restore Backups button which is under files section. .ASP customers don’t have this ability to their DNP. Restores can either be done immediately but mostly these request should be done via email at Arvixe. Backups are done once every day and once every week for PersonalClass and ResellerClass (Linux and ASP alike).
Site5 has a backup feature which do nightly server backups. This feature stores securely and fully capture each server’s content, file by file. This in-built functionality comes with every web-hosting account. With simple steps you are able to do backup of your own website. Website files, email and information is always backed up st Site5. SiteAdmin and cPanel allows you easy backup in minutes.
WebHostingPad is not responsible for web hosting data back up, keeping any files and databases. Only customers are involved in management and backup of all hosting account data. Company only do backup of customer’s accounts up to and including 1GB of website files only. Company don’t do backup for email addresses, email accounts, databases, or anything else. If customers want to restore, company will charge for it which offer “Backup on Demand” service. This service create backup files and automatically place the file in the web hosting account.
iPage doesn’t guarantee that contents of a Web site will never be deleted or corrupted.
Company gives advice that clients should always copy all content of a Web site to a local computer. Clients have to pay for backup company will not provide on free basis. For further security, backup your files on your desktop via FTP on a regular basis.

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