CPWebHosting Control Panel Features

Cpwebhosting control panel provides, Control Panel which has following Features

  • Monitor and change disk usage
  •  Review site statistics
  • Manage e-mail accounts, autoresponders, forwards, mailing lists, etc.
  • Install, uninstall and manage FrontPage Server Extensions.
  • Manage SSL secure communications.
  • Add pre-installed scripts.
  • Change account passwords.
  • Set Custom Error Pages.
  • Monitor bandwidth
  • Access billing information
  • Set the home page for your sites.
  • Create/edit/delete ODBC DSNs for Microsoft Access, SQL Server 2000, MySQL and Excel.
  • Create Microsoft SQL Server databases and MySQL databases..
  • Enable/Disable PHP, Perl, ASP and .NET scripting.
  • Create/edit/delete new FTP users
  • Maintain access to FTP directories.
  • Create/Rename/Delete new folders and upload files to those folders using http.
  • Edit/Rename/Delete files on the server.
  • Create/Rename/Delete MIME Type
  • Enable/Disable permissions for users to change their own passwords under your domain.
  • Allow/Disallow directory browsing for your web sites.
  • Enable/Disable ‘Read’, ‘Write’, ‘Execute’ or ‘Script’ permissions for your websites.
  • Enable/Disable anonymous web access to your websites.


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