Best colocation hosting providers

Co-location would be the best option for small size businesses which want to grow internationally but don’t have space for establishing their infrastructure. Co-location companies give effective power management and cooling system. Clients won’t be affected by any network failure. SiteGeek ranking stats shows best five co-location providers listed below:
iWeb’s co-location: Datacenter resides in Montreal. iWeb offers 3 levels of the power supply, biometric security, and maintenance for about four times annually. The company assures 100% power uptime and network access.
LiquidWeb co-location: Services exist in Michigan. This three datacenter company provides 1005 uptime, high availability, and protection for clients. These data centers are highly secure and are built with N+1 redundancy on all networks, hardware, power systems, and generators. These data centers allow offsite backup and premium disaster recovery services.
Rackspace: Provides managed co-location. In managed co-location, clients need not worry about customizing their OS, web server, database server etc. Managed co-location works for established companies and is a better alternative for businesses for whom apps form the basis of operation. Company’s co-location services are highly secure and redundant data center. Rackspace offers 24x7x365 data center and account management support. Co-location services of Rackspace are located in Chicago, Dallas, Northern Virginia, London, Hong Kong, and Sydney.
Singlehop’s data centers are located in Chicago, Phoenix, New York City, Danbury, and Amsterdam. The company offers great features and maintains optimal operating environment control, redundant electrical systems and generators backed with enterprise-class UPS technology.
Interserver data center resides in New Jersey. Company co-location solution includes UPS battery backup, generator backup, locking racks available and 24/7 on-site access.

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