Cheap Hosting Providers

  • Cheap Business Hosting: The coveted rank of cheapest business hosting provider is Webhostingpad with prices starting as low as $ 1.99 per month. Its uptime recorded was a fair 99.83 % and around 49,295 sites have been hosted by this company.
  • Cheap Cloud Hosting: Also referred as on-demand hosting, the most inexpensive cloud hosting is provided by A2hosting where prices start from a meager $ 15.00 monthly. Around 53,764 sites have been hosted and uptime noted for last week was an impressive 100%.
  • Cheap Clustered Hosting: By distributing the website across multiple servers, the most low-cost providing company is Interserver. Though the company has just started out with hosted sites totaled to be around 6,616, its uptime has been recorded 100% last week. The prices for clustered hosting start from $ 4.95.
  • Cheap Colocation Hosting: Turnkeyinternet is the clear winner in this category with prices for collocation starting from $ 3 per month. Based on its total hosted sites which were 9,791 and uptime for last week which was 100.00%, this company proves to be budget web hosting.
  • Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting: This type of hosting is adequate for sites with very high traffic range on a daily basis. Hivelocity offers cheap web designing and web hosting options to the user with prices starting from $109.00 per month. Uptime last week was traced to 100% and its total hosted sites is 2972.
  • Cheap Domain Registration: one of the essential tasks of building a website is to get the domain registered. Namecheap is priced according to its name! It costs $ 9.58 on yearly basis for getting the domain registered. Last week’s uptime was 99.83 % and its total hosted sites are 1339,584.
  • Cheap E-Commerce Hosting: Such hosting pertains to advertising and selling products and services online. Webhosting pad is the cheapest e-commerce hosting provider among the rest with low pricing of $ 1.99 per month. Uptime for last week was 99.83% and its total hosted sites tally is 49,295.
  • Cheap Green Web Hosting: Involves hosting with the aid of eco-friendly energy sources. iPage is the clear winner in this category with good and cheap green web hosting costing for $ 1.99 per month. Its uptime last week was 100% and the total hosting tally is a whopping 129,539 sites.
  • Cheap Managed Hosting: Where server maintenance and management is handled by the hosting provider, look no further than Leaseweb and Hostnet. Both provide budget web hosting and cost around $ 1.09 per month. The former had 99.74% uptime and has hosted over 22,773 sites till date. The latter had 99.37 % uptime last week and has hosted 112,619 sites.
  • Cheap SEO Hosting: for best SEO hosting experience Kvchosting is one of the cheap web hosting Its prices start from $ 1.89 per month. Its uptime for last week was 100.00 % and it has hosted a total of 8,550 sites.

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